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My name is Feifei

A little over a decade ago, Feifei's life took an unexpected turn when she planned her own wedding. It came out to be such a joy, and revelation. A profound passion for wedding planning ignited within her. From that moment, Feifei knew she had found her calling - to actualize weddings for the couple, so they can feel the same kind of joy she felt as when she had hers.

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Her journey began in the picturesque city of Sydney, Australia, where Feifei pursued her master's degree in marketing, immersing herself in the art of understanding people's desires and dreams. She embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure, founding an events company and a charming flower store in China. However, life had more in store for her, and she relocated to the welcoming embrace of Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she now reside with her cherished family. She continues her journey with Le Moment Weddings in Vancouver.

At Le Moment Weddings, we are not just wedding planners; we're memory-makers. Our approach is infused with creativity, fun, and humor. We're passionate about weddings, creating themed extravaganzas, exploring culinary delights, the art of cooking, the aroma of coffee, the warmth of family and friends, embarking on adventures, conducting meticulous research, and even finding beauty in organized chaos.


Her love for planning, weddings, and orchestrating themed parties began at a young age. She has a special affinity for modern, elegantly simple Western styles, but doesn't confine herself to a specific style. Instead, she believe that a wedding should be a reflection of the couple's unique love story. It should embody their desires and dreams. This belief drives Feifei to listen intently to each couple's narrative and style preferences, ensuring that their special day is truly theirs.

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